Poison Ivy & Plant Slaves

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This starter set for Penguin's crew includes four figures:

  • Poison Ivy (Classic)
  • Plant
  • Creeper Plant
  • Spore Plant

Poison Ivy's crew is lead by the beautiful and dangerous Pamela Isley. Although she has a special affinity to her chlorophyll-based fiends, don't forget that she's an effective leader of humans too! That makes Blackgate Prisoners or Arkham Inmates worth considering.

The plants are extremely unique henchmen with their own deployment, recruitment and activation rules. This isn't a starter crew for beginners, but it can be used to great effect once you've got some experience with the game.

Poison Ivy comes with a profile card for the Batman Miniature Game, but is also playable in the DC Universe Miniature Game by printing out the official download-only profile card here.

These metal figures are sold unpainted and require assembly.