Carrie Kelley & Sons of Batman

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"Where does he get those wonderful toys?"

Inspired by characters from Frank Miller's classic comic The Dark Knight Returns, and the FIRST starter set for the Batman crew includes four figures:

  • Robin (Carrie Kelley)
  • Son of Batman 01
  • Son of Batman 02
  • Son of Batman 03

Carrie is a 54 reputation sidekick for your Batman crew. Her "Handyman" special trait lets her manipulate objectives without spending counters, and "Acrobat" and "Agile" will make sure she can get to where she needs to be in a flash.

The henchmen in this set are the first non-GCPD characters that can serve in your Batman crew. Weighing in at a combined 76 reputation they provide a good combination of ranged and close combat options for you to choose from. Bring Batman or Oliver Queen along to really bust some skulls with the Sons of Batman!

These metal figures are sold unpainted and require assembly.