o2 Rewards -

What are o2 Rewards?

We value your business, and want to reward you for shopping with us. Here are the ways you can earn o2 Reward points:

  • Create a store account: Earn 25 points, just for signing up
  • Make an order: Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend
  • Refer a friend: Earn 25 points when your friend orders from us
  • Share our website on Facebook: Earn 5 points (one time only)

So what can you do with your o2 Reward points? Spend them to save money of course!

  1. Spend 250 points: Get a 5% discount on your order (before tax and shipping)
  2. Spend 400 points: Get a 10% discount on your order (before tax and shipping)



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